Kepari Leniata was a young mother in her twenties when she was brutally murdered after being accused of sorcery in her village. Smart phone technology unveiled the horrors of what was unknown to many Papua New Guineans that for years women who were voiceless in their villages, were being blamed for witchcraft after the death or illness of members of the community. Women being vulnerable and easy targets are stripped naked and tortured until they are killed after being forced to confess of crimes they did not commit. 


This sort of suspicion, unwarranted sentences and attacks on women in Papua New Guinea are not too different in domestic situations and family homes. Whilst sorcery highlights the gravity of gender-based violence in Papua New Guinea, it only scratches the surface on different kinds of violence faced by women. 57% of Papua New Guinean women are survivors of sexual assault and approximately 76% of Papua New Guinean women are survivors of some form of violence.

From tragedy, The Leniata Legacy was born with an ultimate goal to make real impact for Papua New Guinean women. Our journey continues.

The effort of women of Papua New Guinea is to unite and stand as a united front without disunity as this has served no one and we must use our communities and bonds from all walks of life to stand with us.